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2805 NEW RALEIGH HWY 70 (GLENWOOD AVE).  Close to Wake-Durham county line.

Rent To Own:   We have 36 and 48 monthly rent to own plans for your rent to own needs. 


No credit check.  Quick deliveries.

Why run back and forth to one of those storage places when you can have your belongings close by. You may end up driving a long way and forget the key or something you need. Pay monthly storage fees that never end when you can own your storage building and have your belongings close by secure on your property.

Why pay a long term loan such as seven and half years that you can not get out of even if your needs change. Not only can a late payment on a loan make your interest rate jump up but you stand to ruin your credit with a negative credit report that could truly cost you by effecting your other transactions.  Keep it simple without all the credit reporting and legal hassles.  Our Rent to Own contract is simple, just a month to month contract.

Our customer Mr. Alston died but was almost through his rent to own contract and had built up a lot of equity.  We moved the building for his son and he finished his father's contract.  Now his son owns a nice storage building that will serve his storage needs for a long time.  What a nice inheritance! 

Charles B. just made his last payment and now is a proud owner of his storage shed and thanked us for working with him and doing a good job.  Thank you Charles for your nice note with your last payment!






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